Guest Blog | How much does it cost you to process an invoice?

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Guest Blog | How much does it cost you to process an invoice?


How many different suppliers do you place regular orders with at the moment? Does your business have an individual who spends hours hunting around to save a few pence on each order they place or is your business running efficiently? This hunting around for prices is often a task carried out by somebody that is not taking into account the cost to the business of this lost resource.


Graphene Business Solutions has 3 core strands to the business which means you and your workforce can run efficiently;


  • Business Supplies
  • Fitout and Furniture
  • Print


Business Supplies


We stock over 80,000 products for next day delivery, across the UK. Furthermore there are no delivery charges and no minimum order values!

Were you aware that the average cost to a business of processing an invoice is £12.00!! So every single order you place with the suppliers invoicing you per order is costing you £12.00!! Please ask your accounts team how many invoices they process each month……? We eradicate this by providing just one monthly invoice with all of your purchasing for the business which encompasses the following areas;


  • Paper
  • Toner and Ink
  • Furniture
  • Print
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Facilities Management
  • Tea/Coffee and Kitchen Supplies
  • General Office Supplies


As well as these core products/services we offer a unique specials service to source those products we do not currently stock. For our clients that have bespoke needs we bring items into stock they can call off on a next day delivery service. If there are any products you are not currently receiving next day why not let us bring them into stock for you?


Fit out and Furniture


How invigorating is the working environment around you?


We specialise in helping businesses to create greater engagement with their workforce by making the most of their working space. Whether you are a law firm, digital agency, E-commerce brand or a call centre there is one thing you have in common. The more engaged your workforce are, and the more they enjoy being in work, will mean they will be more productive.


In the last month we have been on site with wealth management firms, a PR Agency, a Salon, a recruitment company, and an omni-channel dialler systems company so the array of businesses we work with couldn’t be more diverse.


Are you planning to move office? Are you expanding your current premises? Would you simply like to explore how to maximise the space you currently have? If you are exhausting your existing space but need to recruit to take your business to the next level, why not let Graphene design your existing space to make maximum use out of it so that you can put off that pending enforced office move?




How long do you wait for business cards, letterheads, flyers etc??

Would it help your business to have a supplier that can deliver next day on orders placed before 5pm? Then look no further!

Standard lead times on Print are often 5-7 days which can have a detrimental knock on impact on your business. Allow Graphene to look after this and receive one monthly invoice along with the rest of the purchasing within your business so that your accounts team have much more time to spend receiving payments into your business!


Please contact the Sales Director, Dave Kelly, about the area you currently need assistance with.

Dave Kelly



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