HPC Law: UBER drivers back in the news

uber drivers

UBER drivers back in the news Only three months ago, UBER drivers were considered to be ‘workers’ by the Court of Appeal. This had a huge impact on the drivers in that they are now entitled to paid holidays, National Minimum Wage and other rights and benefits afforded to other ‘workers’ or employees. It also… Continue reading


Legal time table | Upcoming changes

national minimum wage

Changes to the national minimum wage/statutory rates On April 1st 2019, the national minimum wage is set to change, with those eligible of receiving the national living wage seeing an increase of 4.9% from £7.83 to £8.21.   The increase is set the hand the average full-time worker a £690 annual pay increase.  It has… Continue reading


Is the new self-employment offer from Hermes too good to be true?


Is the new self-employment offer from Hermes too good to be true? The delivery firm Hermes has announced that they have reached a deal with GMB union over allowing it’s 15,000 drivers to be offered a form of ‘self-employment plus. However some experts are warning that the deal that has been agreed may not be… Continue reading


Budget 2018: Key points announced by hammond


On Monday 29th October, Philip Hammond delivered his third budget as chancellor. The emphasis of the budget was that the perseverance of the British people has paid off and that austerity had finally been ended.   However many critics say that the budget was simply putting a ‘plaster’ over the real issues underlying the UK.… Continue reading


HPC Law | Case Law Update – October 2018

case law update

Case Law Update 16/10/2018 Author: Dean O’Brien The problem with the law, I find, is that it never stays still and I think that’s true especially with employment cases. You have the extra appeal court and between the Trade Unions and UK Businesses, there is a lot riding on the decision that gets made. Even… Continue reading