Managing the safety of your people and customers


Just like employment law, the rules and regulations around health & safety can be complicated.  The failure to understand and apply these responsibilities can be extremely expensive and in some cases life threatening.  The laws around Health & Safety at work can be overwhelming, which is why HPC provides this service to our clients.  We deliver guidance to clients who are looking to ensure they safeguard their own Health & Safety at work, and for those who wish to protect their people and customers with a safe environment to work in. 


HPC help and support businesses with their individual needs both large and small, by taking care of their major concerns, which are often centered around the below…


·    How do I safeguard my own health & safety and that of my customers?

·    How do I complete a method statement to win business?

·    How do you provide training for all staff to carry out tasks safely and effectively?

·    Where do you turn for help with statutory requirements?

·    How do you ensure that staff are sufficiently informed about their rights and responsibilities?


As a business we understand the pressures you face on a daily basis and the inherent risks involved, at HPC we aim to take away all your Health & Safety concerns, making sure you are safe and compliant with your legal obligations.  We have experienced and qualified IOSH registered advisors who have worked with a wide range of clients and industries, they know your business and industry risk requirements, so you are compliant with the law. 


You never know the real value of expert Health & Safety advice until you face a claim, we are here to help you avoid and protect your business from this risk.  Contact a member of the HPC team for a free consultation on 0844 800 5932 or email        

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