Convicted jobseeker wins humans rights case against employer


Convicted jobseeker wins humans rights case against employer   A jobseeker with convictions from childhood has won a court case against an employer who has been deemed to have prying too deeply into their past private life, winning the case because it was seen as a Human Rights breach.     The jobseeker in question,… Continue reading


Employers can ban religious clothing and symbols, says ECJ – but lawyers urge caution

__ – The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that employers are within their rights to ban political, philosophical or religious clothing or symbols in the workplace as long as it forms part of a dress code that requires staff to dress ‘neutrally’, according to the landmark ruling.  – – Two employees who were dismissed… Continue reading


HR Dilemma: Should employers be allowed to take employee genetic information?

__     In the United States employees may be asked to share genetic information with their employer or face penalties to their employer-funded wellness programmes, if a bill approved by a US House Committee becomes law.     The bill, known as the ‘Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act’, was introduced by Representative Virginia Foxx of the… Continue reading