COVID19 – How will School closures impact your Business?

COVID19 – How will School closures impact your Business? It is hard to escape the mixed messages of what to do regarding COVID19. Some experts say to carry on as usual but others advise to begin self-isolation for an illness like a common cold.   Although countries like China and South Korea are beginning to… Continue reading


COVID19 – Your Questions Answered.

COVID19 – Your Questions Answered. We understand there is a lot of confusion and panic surrounding COVID19. We have answered some you’re most frequently asked questions to provide some peace of mind and guidance at this time of pandemic. If people self-isolate – do they get paid? If 111 or a Doctor has recommended self-isolation… Continue reading


Employment Law Update: Are you ready for ‘Good Work Plan Changes’?

Following the Government’s commissioning of the Independent Taylor Review of Modern Work Practices, the Good Work Plan was developed. This was devised to make changes to employment law and practice to ensure that workers are treated more fairly. As such, there have been a number of recommendations and some major developments   We have given… Continue reading


Valentines Day in the workplace – Dos and don’ts


Valentines in the workplace – Dos and don’ts   As you would expect, as an outsourced HR provider we aren’t big proponents of workplace romance and lovey-dovey co-workers. What we do love is being able to celebrate the successes within your business, adopting the valentines spirit can be a great way to celebrate small successes… Continue reading


Integrating a Mental Health Programme into your Business – Gavin Sherratt CEO of Mashbo.

Mental Health Wellebing

HPC had the opportunity to speak with the CEO of Mashbo  Gavin Sherratt. Gavin has made sure that Mental Health is at the core of his business, through open discussions surrounding issues that employees have struggled with to working with mental health organizations like Alder Hey CAMHS. Mashbo is a stellar example of a company providing the… Continue reading