Third of UK employees witness racism at work

Almost half of minority workers admit they don’t feel like valued members of their teams, according to a new survey.

The charity Business in the Community revealed that 55% of black, Asian and minority (BAME) workers feel like they are appreciated at work. That is compared to 71% of white workers who felt that they were valued members of their teams.

The charity interviewed more than 24,000 people for the survey. It was pulled from an open online questionnaire, which included 18,000 people and from a YouGov survey which polled 6,000 people.

The charity also revealed that 33% of workers who have experienced or witnessed racial harassment in at work have done so in the past year, the BBC reported.

The news provider spoke to a 26-year old man who wished to remain anonymous. He said: “I got called a dirty Muslim just for using a piece of equipment and that person didn’t want to use that equipment because I used it.”

But nothing happened, even though a second colleague saw the event and reported the harassment to their bosses. The bosses chose to believe the person who had said the comment, rather than the witness.

The 26-year old also said that been spat on and even assaulted by a colleague.

“I borrowed something off him, misplaced it, gave it back to him the week after,” the man told the BBC. “He came up to me and grabbed me around the neck. He started threatening me. I was on my tiptoes – that’s how much he was holding me up, by my neck.”

The man said that his bosses recommended him to “brush it under the carpet” instead of taking the issue further.


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