Worker sacked by text following miscarriage

A boss has sacked an employee after she called in sick after having suffered a miscarriage.

Amy Larman, who worked at a pub in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, sent her boss, Adam Groves, a text message saying she would be unable to attend her shift following a miscarriage.

Larman said she had informed Groves of the scan in advance, and had an evening shift later that day. She notified him that she was unable to work at 9pm.

He text her saying: “No worries hun will call it day a day Hope all goes well with everything [sic].”

She replied saying: “Does this mean I’ve lost my job? Omg Adam seriously upset [sic].”

Groves replied saying he expected staff to be reliable: “I’ve been very fare from day 1 with you [sic]. I can’t run a business with staff that text me at 9pm at night saying that they can’t do there [sic] shift.

“Also you won’t be in the right frame of mind after your sad news. Sorry.”

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Larman said: “I told him the situation and he had no absolutely no sympathy. He said he had to let me go because he could not have staff on the payroll who let him down.

“He knew I was pregnant – that’s why he put me on part-time hours. You don’t treat your staff like that. I think it’s awful that I have had to go through this and when I’m down I get kicked.”

Also speaking to the Daily Mail, Groves said Larman had missed several previous shifts: “She texted me at 9pm saying she had trouble. I have been very lenient with the girl. Just last week she signed a temporary contract because she failed the last one.”

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