Toxic environments and crazy deadlines – the Google effect?

A disgruntled employee, claiming to be a Nest engineer, has caused an online furore after attacking Google’s company culture.

The anonymous worker posted a lengthy tirade on Reddit, claiming that employees at Nest – the home automation company owned by Google – have had their lives destroyed by the “toxic environment.”

The user also vilifies Nest CEO Tony Fadell, insinuating that he’s not an easy man to work with.

The post reads: “Tony and his goons demand crazy timelines so much that ‘crunch time’ has basically lost meaning. Just when your labour bears fruit, they swoop in, 180 the specs you just delivered on, then have the gall to call your team ‘incompetent’ for not reading their mind.

“People fall asleep in corners and cry in the bathrooms, health and marriages are suffering. Already the churn is insane, close to half the company if not more.

“Skilled engineers can tell the environment is toxic, so we’re filling vacancies with mostly sub-par talent.”

The user also alluded to unscrupulous practices taking place within the company, warning Faddell that he couldn’t hide the truth from his employees for much longer. He wrote: “You can’t hide anything from engineers.

“We know how many units are actually being sold, how many subscriptions lapse, how many fail or get returned.

“But go ahead, keep trashing us in public. We dare you to tell everyone just how much of that $340million was due to a simple Dropcam rebrand and not the thermostats and smoke alarms.

“Good luck shipping that critical new project after restarting it for the umpteenth time. Ah, that feels better. Now off to the other four meetings I have today.”

Despite the fact that Google was seen as one of the best places to work in 2015, other former employees have also spoke out against the company’s corporate culture – claiming that Google makes its staff “weird and dependant”, and the atmosphere is “bad for your karma”.


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