COVID19 – Your Questions Answered.

COVID19 – Your Questions Answered.

We understand there is a lot of confusion and panic surrounding COVID19. We have answered some you’re most frequently asked questions to provide some peace of mind and guidance at this time of pandemic.

If people self-isolate – do they get paid?

If 111 or a Doctor has recommended self-isolation – they will get SSP / company sick pay. If they self-isolate of their own accord, they will not, that is unless they show symptoms in which case they would be entitled to SSP / company sick pay.

If work decreases, can I force staff to take holidays?

Yes – but you will have to give them double the notice – i.e. if you want them to take a week off, you would need to give them two weeks’ notice ahead of this. However, given the Government’s announcement to meet salary costs up to £2,500 per employee, we strongly recommend that you look into this so that your staff can continue to receive a large proportion of their salary. Unless there is a lay-off clause in your contract, you would need their written agreement to do this.

If work decreases, can I lay my staff off?

Yes – but only if there is a lay-off clause in your contract. See below regarding ‘Furlough’ of staff.


If work decreases and I tell staff to not come into work and they can’t work from home, do I have to pay them?

Yes, they will have to be paid their full pay for the time they are off. You may also wish to consider placing staff on ‘furlough’ leave. Click the link below to read more on ‘furlough’ leave.



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Can I make staff redundant?

If there is a legitimate business need to reduce your staffing, then yes, but you would have to enter into a period of consultation with staff. You may wish to consider other options such as working from home, making staff take holidays or placing them on Furlough leave.

If I have to close my business because, for example, the landlord closes the building would I have to pay staff?

We would suggest that you first look to see if there is a possibility to work from home, but it not, you would have to pay them their normal rate of pay.



Read our other article we have written on COVID19 Furlough FAQs here.


Further to these FAQs, ACAS have provided some very useful guidance and advice for both employers and employees, you can find this guidance here.


The NHS has also provided some useful guidance for employees on preventing the spread and reducing their chances of being exposed. You can find that here.


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