WEBINAR: Mastering the Art of Employee Appraisals

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WEBINAR: Mastering the Art of Employee Appraisals


We are on a mission to support businesses to recover from the pandemic through their people. Join HR experts, Victoria Brown and Daniel Meyer-Lopez, as they discuss how to refocus on your employees by mastering appraisals within your business.


It is time to refocus on our people. Engagement and development of our employees should not take the back seat. Time should now be spent on upskilling your staff for post-pandemic success. Mastering appraisals will help with this through setting clearly defined goals and objectives. At peopleHUB’s webinar, MD of HPC Victoria Brown and HR Consultant Daniel Meyer Lopez will be offering expert advice on how to best do this.


Date: Wednesday 18th November 2020

Time: 2p.m.

Location: Zoom


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