Managing Employment Law

Changes to employment law can be frequent and daunting, leaving some businesses exposed if they don’t get the right advice when it matters most.  To stay on top of the changes in legislation, it requires a proactive approach from advisors who will help you plan and prepare for the changes ahead.  Knowing that you are compliant with the law provides you with peace of mind to carry on with what you do best. 


Our in-house legal team are there to advise you on any kind of issue, no matter how big or small, leaving you feeling confident that the advice you receive will be supportive, practical and in a language that you can relate to.


We take the headache away from matters like grievance and discipline, terms and conditions, contracts and all those issues that leave you and your business exposed to risk. Litigation can be both stressful and time consuming for employers.  In the worst case scenario, we are commercially focused and understand that time is money for all business owners.  Time is of the essence when it comes to employment tribunals.  We take care of you straight away and take the stress away for you.  The HPC team will handle all the correspondence for your case and will be with you every step of the way.


How we keep you compliant:

·     Our advice line is the main way our clients make contact with us when they face a crisis, or they need the reassurance of best practices.  Our experts are on hand to answer any call, no matter when you do

·   We proactively communicate emerging trends or threats to businesses via our newsletter, blogs, and flash news alerts.  This helps warn our clients of what’s ahead, so we can advise on what steps need to be taken to protect them


·   We review and update our clients’ policies and procedures when changes in legislation occur so that documentation is never outdated


You never know the real value of expert employment law advice until you face a claim, we are here to help you avoid and protect your business from this risk.  Contact a member of the HPC team for a free consultation on 0844 800 5932 or email        

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