Managing the safety of your people and customers


Just like employment law, the rules and regulations around health and safety can be complicated. The failure to understand and apply these responsibilities can be extremely expensive and in some cases life threatening. Our aim is to take away the stress and burden felt by businesses in meeting their obligations.


Our health and safety service is delivered by highly experienced and qualified health and safety consultants who constantly keep up to date with legislation and amendments in regulation and best practices.


We will ensure your business has all the tools and knowledge needed to be compliant and that your organisation meets with Regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, "organisations should have access to competent health and safety advice.”

Whether you are at the beginning of a health and safety journey as a new business or having challenges in meeting your health and safety responsibilities as an established business, we will support you every step of the way.


How we support you


·         - Health & Safety Policies development with regular a review process

·         - Risk Assessments

·         - Fire Risk Assessments

·         - Method Statements

·         - Health & Safety check audits to ensure compliance

·         - Health & Safety updates

·         - Accreditation support

·         - Telephone helpline

·         - Unlimited access to our database of policies and documents.

·         - Regular newsletters and sharing best practices

You never know the real value of expert Health & Safety advice until you face problems in the workplace through injury or claims, we are here to help you avoid and protect your business from this risk. 

Contact a member of the HPC team for a free consultation on 0330 107 1037 or email   


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