We currently do not have any training sessions open for booking. We will be updating this page shortly with a list of dates for events/sessions starting in January 2016 so be sure to check back. 


Below you can find details on the type of training we offer, the course content, length and pricing.

Managing Conflict and the Art of Delegation

This course will give delegates the confidence and skill set to manage difficult situations which may arise in the workplace.  Dealing with such matters efficiently and speedily will prevent more serious situations arising.

Who should attend?

Managers and supervisors with line management responsibilities

The programme is designed to enable delegates to:

·         Identify the causes of different types of dispute and conflict in the workplace

·         Recognise the symptoms of conflict

·         Confidently conduct difficult conversations

·         Develop strategies to manage people and situations

Managing Absence

This highly informative and interactive course brings together key skills and encourages participation with practical learning outcomes.  It helps participants gain the skill set to manage an area which is often feared confidence and understanding.

Effective management of attendance supports employees, provides a safer working environment, reduces risk to the business and can improve profitability.

Who should attend?

Directors, managers and supervisors with line management responsibilities

This programme is designed to;

·         Help participants understand the importance of controlling absenteeism and to recognise presenteeism


·         Help with the understanding of the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the process of managing attendance


·         Outline the range of possible causes of absence and identify techniques for reducing sickness absence


·         Give participants a greater understanding of the importance of creating and maintaining accurate records and documentation


·         Identify the mechanisms to address absence


Managing Grievance


This informative course arms delegates with the skill set required to manage employee grievances at both informal and formal stages.  Offering advice and guidance through the process and ensuring managers are aware of their responsibilities before during and after any formal process


Who should attend?

 Directors, managers and supervisors with line management responsibilities


This programme is designed to improve understanding of:

·         The reasons for having a Grievance procedure

·         When and how this procedure should be used

·         The difference between informal and formal procedures


·         How to deal with matters fairly and objectively

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