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People are at the heart of every company, which is why the role of Human Resources is vital to the success of any business.  If you have happy people, you ultimately have happy customers and clients.  This is why satisfying the needs of all your employees is a full-time job and why we live and breathe HR, we love our job as much as you do.  By taking the headache out of HR, you can grow your business as a result of building the right culture and creating the right structure to support your objectives.

With our team of experts on hand whenever you need us, we take care of our clients by taking a proactive and reactive approach with protecting their business and people.  We build relationships with our clients by getting to know their business and tailor our service to their individual needs.

We appreciate no one wants to defend against an Employment Tribunal, therefore we do all we can to prevent you having to. If the case arises where you are forced into an Employment Tribunal, we will support you through our legal expenses backed insurance policy.

We can tailor policies and documents to help support the day-to-day running of the business, so far as your people and property are concerned.  You will of course have the daily questions related to annual leave, sickness, other absences, and then perhaps the more difficult matters which can result in the need for disciplinary hearings or the resolution of employee grievances.  Your HPC team will respond and support you with all such matters, so you need never worry about this business area.

No question is ever too small to ask or too difficult to resolve.

How we protect your world:

·         Your very own dedicated support

·         Advice based on experience of various sectors

·        Legal Representation when faced with employment tribunal claim, we will handle all the correspondence for your case and be with you every step of the way

·         Documentation kept up to date and legally compliant

·         Legal Indemnity insurance to cover your legal expenses and awards for unfair unwanted employment tribunal claims, subject to the terms of the policy



You never know the real value of expert HR advice until you face a claim, we are here to help you avoid and protect your business from this risk. Contact a member of the HPC team for a free consultation on 0330 107 1037 or email  

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