We offer a wide range of services, allowing us to tailor our services to best fit the needs of your company.   A list of our services include:
HR Policies and Procedures


The types of policies and procedures you introduce will depend on the size and nature of your business. For example, if your staff operate machinery, we would advise on implementing a specific policy on drugs and alcohol use. If most of your staff use computers then you should create an email and internet policy.

Disciplinary and Grievance Expertise


Managing Disciplinary and Grievance issues can be costly processes for any Employer. Creating and implementing the right procedures are vital if you want to avoid Employment Tribunal claims for unfair or constructive dismissal.



Most organisations at some point will have to deal with difficult situations which require investigating and getting this wrong could prove very costly. The importance of workplace investigations and hearings has been highlighted in the new ACAS Code of Practice and Guidance as well as through the implementation of the new Employment Act.


Absence Management



Research has suggested that sickness absence in UK businesses has fallen from an average 6.7 days per year per person in 2007 to 5 days in 2011. Although this shows an improvement, smaller businesses are still struggling to deal with the problem. High Performance Consultancy recognise the difficulties small businesses are encountering with absence management in the current economic climate. 

Employment Law Advice Helpline


High Performance Consultancy has been providing employment law services to businesses across the UK since 2007. We have a diverse, wide portfolio of clients, ensuring that we can tailor your advice to your business sector. All of our Consultants are experienced and legally qualified. Each client receives their own team of Consultants that are dedicated to looking after their HR needs. We pride ourselves on providing a personable approach to each client, as well as protecting their business with quality legal advice.

Contracts of Employment


A Contract of Employment is an agreement between employer and employee and is the basis of the employment relationship. The terms of this contract can be oral, written, implied or a combination of all 3. Writing down the terms of the contract can provide evidence of terms and conditions of employment between you and your employee, should there be a dispute in the future.



As an employer there will be times that you will be faced with the need to take action against an employee. It is possible also, that the employee will feel that the action taken against them is unfair or unjust and therefore may want to appeal any decisions made relating to them.

We have four HR packages, tailored to fit organisations of different sizes with differing support requirements.    Find out more about the different packages we offer, find the one that is best suited to your HR needs by clicking here.