High Performance, it's more than just a name...

But don't just take our word for it, Take a look at what of our existing clients have to say about our outsourced service.


red rock communications testimonial
Paul James
''As Red Rock started to grow and transition from a new start-up into a business fit for the 21st Century we knew one of the main priorities was treating Human Relations and Health & Safety seriously and with the respect it deserves. We decided rather than bringing someone full-time into the business that we would outsource all HR work as this would bring us the best of both worlds in terms of business and resources. The team at Red Rock is our biggest asset and we wanted a company that was small enough to care but large enough to have the expertise, experience, and personnel to handle any and all issues, concerns, and questions that come up on a daily basis. HPC has, from the initial discussions through to expert training in first aid & mental health, been a fantastic source of information, help, and reassurance as we continue to grow.  Having worked with HPC for almost 18 months we can say that no matter what your HR business needs might be, you can be sure that HPC will have the solution.''
qube residential testimonial
Jonathan Cook
‘‘Qube Residential have been using High Performance Consultancy Health and Safety since April 2022 following the successful use of One HR and the staff holiday booking systems. They have been a fantastic aid in ensuring that we as a company are compliant and remain compliant through risk assessments, training and reminders of when policies are due for renewal. Their approachable and friendly team feel like an extension to our team as opposed to a service and proves themselves invaluable when advising on matters relating to Health and Safety and HR. HPC have been a huge help when updating company handbooks and company policies and updating us on new legislation when required. Their team have presented training for both First Aid and Mental Wellbeing which have been first class, building a knowledge base and awareness amongst our staff. We couldn’t recommend High Performance Consultancy and One HR highly enough.’’
nco europe testimonial
Joanne Cowens
“HPC are an invaluable resource, assisting with both with our overarching H&S governance but also on a more granular level, including building compliance (including fire), employee safety and are a regular contributor on our H&S Committee.”
Mike Flynn
‘HPC have helped MJF upskill our managers giving them the tools to manage their team’s performance more effectively. I have already seen an improvement in terms of outputs. The help received has been invaluable and I look forward to with working High Performance to improve even more, thank you HPC!’
Jack Donnelly
‘High Performance have enabled us to bring structure to our workforce and handling our department with much greater efficiency to enable us to grow.’
Gary Adlen
High Performance Consultancy has provided an employment structure for my business, enabling my business to grow in line with the business strategy and increase staff and revenue.’
Jane Graham
‘HPC have given us tremendous advice and support which has enabled us to update staff contracts to make them more professional and in line with current legal requirements. We have also benefited from implementation of HR software which gives us the proper platform for recording staff details, holiday’s authorisations and more. This helps our planned growth as we have the right tools now to recruit new employees and present a more professional approach'
Joanne Dalton
‘High Performance Consultancy has enabled MSB Solicitors to support staff and increase productivity through implementing a robust performance management system. When we introduce the new procedure I am confident that staff will respond well, assisting the growth plan of the company. HPC has also advised on new recruitment methods and processes. Which will allow us to hire more suitable candidates.’
Gillian Hope
High Performance Consultancy have embedded the HR framework necessary to support the business growth plans. Without this support Elite Legal Recruitment would not be able to meet its development targets and double in size over the next year.
Paul Rimmer
HPC have provided Revive with all of the documentation needed to protect us. From the coaching sessions I feel confident I can put my growth plans into action. I cannot thank HPC enough for all they have done for me and my business.’
Frank McKenna
HPC provides Downtown with a comprehensive, cost effective and efficient HR service. Crucially for an SME such as ours, HPC are pro active in terms of flagging up potential employment issues and problems that will impact on us – and more importantly identifying practical solutions.
Anthony Deegan
HPC have helped us implement HR processes and train senior management in key aspects of HR for example, contracts of employment, sickness and grievance policies. Significant performance appraisals of key personnel has had an impact on the business growth and enabled Rare to take on more staff. We are confident that the support and procedures will continue to bear fruit.’ 
Susan Mayer
‘HPC have provided support and documents that we will need to grow the business. Without this guidance we could not implement our growth strategy. We are in a much stronger position now!’
Neil Wilcox
'HPC have been a great help with the business and we are seeing business growth as a result.’
Kurt Wilson
‘HPC has provided coaching in managing performance and helped my business in retaining valuable staff.’
Gary Dunning
High performance Consultancy have provided a full review of our HR documentation and employment documentation, then having provided us with the appropriate updates and guidance. We now believe that we are in a much stronger positon to focus on growth and develop our business.
Daniel Wilson
‘Kirkwood Wilson has plans to grow and recruit five new staff and the intervention that HPC has provided, has enabled us to put structure around our HR function. As well as putting together a planned recruitment strategy. This has meant that our managers can focus on the growth of the business, safe in the knowledge that our HR function is fit for purpose.’
Simon Hogan
High Performance Consultancy has helped to provide support for the implementation of HR to secure best practices and legal compliance, as was support of the development of the staff to grow the business. The advice, guidance and support around the recruitment of new staff has ensured that I have recruited the right a high calibre of staff who have the right skills around manufacturing and customer service that will help to drive the growth of the business.’
Jordan Stevenson
‘The intervention that HPC provided meant that we were in a strong position to advance our growth plans by ensuring we were legally compliant and had documentation that supported our ethics and values, and a performance management system which contributed to our growth and helped us to attract and retain staff.’

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