Budget 2018: Key points announced by hammond


On Monday 29th October, Philip Hammond delivered his third budget as chancellor. The emphasis of the budget was that the perseverance of the British people has paid off and that austerity had finally been ended.   However many critics say that the budget was simply putting a ‘plaster’ over the real issues underlying the UK.… Continue reading


Is the UK government failing in terms of sexual harassment?


According to reports by a committee of MPs, the government is failing to address “routine and sometimes relentless” sexual harassment in public places and work spaces. The women and Equalities Select Committee discovered that harassment is “deeply ingrained” within British culture.   Sexual harassment affects women everywhere and impacts upon their daily lives but the… Continue reading


Guest Blog – Where is the NHS now and is there any way back?


Where is the NHS now and is there any way back? You do not need me to paint too much of a picture when it comes to the strains on our beloved NHS service. We hear much about funding and staff shortages in all areas and that’s we are trying to do more and more… Continue reading


HPC Law | Case Law Update – October 2018

case law update

Case Law Update 16/10/2018 Author: Dean O’Brien The problem with the law, I find, is that it never stays still and I think that’s true especially with employment cases. You have the extra appeal court and between the Trade Unions and UK Businesses, there is a lot riding on the decision that gets made. Even… Continue reading


Human Resources Consultant

human resources consultant

 Human Resources Consultant   Full time position North West Based   Are you looking for an amazing career opportunity?   High Performance Consultancy can provide a team focused environment with support and recognition for the right person.  If you think you have what it takes to play a dynamic role in providing an outstanding service… Continue reading