Guest Blog: Money Worries Affecting Workplace Performance

money worries

Money Worries Affecting Workplace Performance A recent report based upon the Close Brothers’ Financial Wellbeing Index suggests that in an average workplace, 39% of employees worry about money ‘always’ or ‘often’, with younger workers the most affected. So-called ‘millennials’ are the most affected, with 87 percent admitting worrying about money whilst at work. Of those… Continue reading


What’s pushing young talent away from your business?

young talent

What’s pushing young talent away from your business?   For businesses getting millennials and generation Z workers can be vital to the success of the business as they bring new ideas that are relevant to the table. When recruiting early career talent, many businesses believe that installing a table football or stocking the fridge with… Continue reading


Mental Health Awareness Week

mental health

Mental Health Awareness Week Mental illness has become a big talking point after the realisation of the scale of the problem and the number of people that it affects. As a result, new methods to help break the stigma surrounding mental health need to be implemented.   Within a workplace environment, it is vital that… Continue reading


The top five employment law cases in April


The top five employment law cases in April   April has been a month that has brought us sunshine, rain and wind but alongside all of this there has also been some very important employment law cases in our courts. 1. Racial Harassment suffered by cleaner in diversity training   Whilst participating in an equality and… Continue reading


Menopause and the workplace


Menopause and the workplace Recently, there has been a significant focus on the menopause and how it affects women in the workplace, raising awareness of the symptoms and the responsibility employers have to support women who are experiencing this stage of their life.    This will be welcomed by many female employees who have suffered silently… Continue reading