The Crossover between Health & Safety and Employment Law


This month, Daniel Meyer-Lopez from HPC Law outlines the relationship between health & safety and employment law.   It may seem like an obvious concept, but Health & Safety and Employment Law are intrinsically linked. An employee has a right to work in a safe environment. This includes everything from an employee on a building… Continue reading


Guest Blog: Planning for the end of the tax year

tax year planning

Planning for the end of the tax year If your company’s tax year ends on 31 March, you’re not alone – plenty of UK businesses use the same date. Like them, you now have less than two months to take advantage of this year’s business tax allowances; and if you have longer, it’s still a… Continue reading


HPC Law – Case Law Update: January 2019

case law

HPC Law Update – January 2019 This month, Daniel Meyer-Lopez from HPC Law outlines some key case law updates.   Employee, worker or self-employed?   Over the last 12 months, there have been several decisions as to whether Claimants were self-employed, workers or employees. With the Uber and Hermes decisions ruling that taxi drivers and… Continue reading


The historic Brexit defeat and what it means for HR


The Brexit deal that Theresa May had been working on was rejected by MPs in Parliament. The deal that was put forward was rejected by both those who wanted to remain in the EU and those who wanted to leave. The outcome of the vote was one that was widely predicted and this has therefore… Continue reading


New Year, same stress – why mental health is prominent in the workplace


The majority of employees in the UK went back to work just after the turn of the New Year, and it is highly probable that after stepping back into the office that all the feelings of stress and anxiety that they left behind before Christmas are emerging once more.   The Health and Safety Executive… Continue reading