How you can overcome the 2020 ‘New Year Blues’.

How you can overcome the 2020 ‘New Year Blues’. How have you been feeling since you have returned to work? Are you your normal cheery and positive self? Or have you noticed any of your colleagues/employees acting differently since 2019?   If you haven’t been feeling yourself recently or have noticed a co-worker acting strangely,… Continue reading


Fighting against Sexual Harassment at the workplace.

Sex Sexual Harassment

Fighting against sexual harassment at the workplace. Sexual harassment within the workplace has taken the spotlight in recent times. Whether it has been an inappropriate touch at your office or a globally covered sexual harassment case like the Harvey Weinstein’s allegations. Having conversations regarding these issues, helps to make progress in eradicating them for everyone.… Continue reading


HR set to be the powerhouse of any business by 2020, according to Samsung

– __ According to new research by Samsung, HR is destined to become the most influential department in the future world of business. The study defined that by 2020, due to a number of societal and technological changes, HR will be even more elevated in importance to how companies operate. Attention must be given to… Continue reading