HPC Law Update: Brexit & Suspending Employees

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HPC Law Update: Brexit & Suspending Employees   Litigants in person Following the abolition in payment of fees for Employment Tribunals, lawyers acting for the employer often find themselves on the opposite side to a litigant in person. When dealing with litigants in person, it can sometimes be a difficult situation to manage.   When… Continue reading


HPC Law Update: Equal Pay & Work Uniforms Updates

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Employment Law Update | September 2019 Equal Pay Claims   Employers are often concerned about equal pay and there have been several high-profile entities in the news about employers being paid different salaries and employees have stated that this is due to their sex. One example was when BBC presenters’ salaries were revealed causing several… Continue reading


Guest Blog | How much does it cost you to process an invoice?

Invoice options

Guest Blog | How much does it cost you to process an invoice?   How many different suppliers do you place regular orders with at the moment? Does your business have an individual who spends hours hunting around to save a few pence on each order they place or is your business running efficiently? This… Continue reading


Fighting against Sexual Harassment at the workplace.

Sex Sexual Harassment

Fighting against sexual harassment at the workplace. Sexual harassment within the workplace has taken the spotlight in recent times. Whether it has been an inappropriate touch at your office or a globally covered sexual harassment case like the Harvey Weinstein’s allegations. Having conversations regarding these issues, helps to make progress in eradicating them for everyone.… Continue reading


HPC Law: Settlement Agreements & Changes To Employment Contracts.

Agreement to change   In last month’s article, I wrote about the importance of changes in the contracts of employment and the need to obtain consent from the employee for the consent to any changes. This issue has been highlighted in the media recently by supermarket giant Asda who wanted to make changes to the… Continue reading