Google: A focus on people and recruiting right…


Google: A focus on people and recruiting right… A company which recruits well, is hard to get into and one that has a worldwide reputation for being the ‘coolest’ place to work; Google is a company who other businesses look to emulate.   However, try as they may, Google has many enviable qualities which is a result of… Continue reading


What can HR learn from the United deplaning debacle?


What can HR learn from the United deplaning debacle?   United Airlines is facing a PR nightmare after a video emerged showing a passenger being forcibly removed from an ‘overbooked’ flight. While the debate rages on regarding passenger rights when an airline requests ‘volunteers’ to give up their seats, are there lessons that HR can… Continue reading


Can you really be yourself at work?

When you’re at work, do you behave in the same way as you do when you’re at home? Or do you have a work persona – a duller, more subdued version of your real self?   Of course there are certain behaviours, such as swearing, or nudity, for example, that aren’t acceptable in any workplace,… Continue reading


As 29% of Brits keep mental illness a secret at work, organizations call for more pro-active employer support

Research has revealed that a sizeable proportion of employees who reveal that they have been diagnosed with or treated for a mental illness related condition feel they are treated differently by their manager (27 per cent) or by colleagues (22 per cent) compared with those who have a physical or visible illness.   It is… Continue reading


Millennial men earn less than generation before, research reveals

__     Research has found that young men today will earn £12,500 less than generations before them did at the same age. Speaking in a lecture on 21st century inequality, director of the Resolution Foundation Torsten Bell outlined this research for the Foundation’s Intergenerational Commission on the labour market prospects for younger generations.     This… Continue reading