Hundreds of UK firm’s gender pay gap increases

gender pay gap

In a report done by the BBC it has been discovered that four in ten companies state that their gender pay gap has increased since the last time that they published it.   In the research conducted by the BBC it was the company’s median pay gap that was analysed. The median pay gap is… Continue reading


Ban unpaid internships that last longer than four weeks


Ban unpaid internships that last longer than four weeks New research has found that Internships have doubled since 2010 as the number of graduates in high skilled jobs continues to fall into long-term decline. The survey, from IPPR, shows internships are on the rise in the UK’s most competitive sectors and are now a ‘must have’… Continue reading


Statutory redundancy pay to increase from 6 April 2017

____         The maximum amount of statutory redundancy pay and the limit on the amount employment tribunals can award for unfair dismissal increases from 6th April 2017.     Employers that dismiss through redundancy must pay those with two years’ service an amount based on their weekly pay, length of service and age.… Continue reading


Job loyalty denting millennials’ pay and careers, report finds

_ – – Millennial workers are suffering from a reluctance to change jobs which is negatively effecting their pay and career progression, according to research by the Resolution Foundation. – – Workers born in the mid 1980s were compared to those born in the mid 1970s in the study, which found that the rate of… Continue reading


New plans state UK companies must reveal gender pay gap

From 2018, organisations with over 250 people will have to reveal their gender pay gap. Bonuses, which are suspected to be a big factor of gender pay inequality, will also be included in the listings. Estimates from the Office for National Statistics suggests the pay gap currently stands at 19.2% for full- and part-time UK… Continue reading