Valentines Day in the workplace – Dos and don’ts


Valentines in the workplace – Dos and don’ts   As you would expect, as an outsourced HR provider we aren’t big proponents of workplace romance and lovey-dovey co-workers. What we do love is being able to celebrate the successes within your business, adopting the valentines spirit can be a great way to celebrate small successes… Continue reading


A Lesson in Employee Wellbeing By – Paul Corcoran CEO of Agent Marketing.

HPC have been fortunate enough to discuss with Agent Marketing how they have centred ‘Employee Engagement & Wellbeing‘ into their workplace culture. We had the chance to speak with the MD of Agent Marketing, Paul Corcoran and talk with him on how important his employees engagement & wellbeing has been to the success of his business.  … Continue reading


Guest Blog | How to support employee wellbeing (without telling them).

How to support employee wellbeing (without telling them) In December 2009, Dr Anne Thornpike and her team of colleagues had an idea to improve the staff of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. She believed she could improve the eating and drinking habits of thousands of the hospital staff without telling them…   What did they… Continue reading


Mental Health Awareness Week

mental health

Mental Health Awareness Week Mental illness has become a big talking point after the realisation of the scale of the problem and the number of people that it affects. As a result, new methods to help break the stigma surrounding mental health need to be implemented.   Within a workplace environment, it is vital that… Continue reading


How to handle a job interview

How to handle a job interview Interviews can be stressful and difficult for a lot of people, even the most outgoing person can feel the pressure of being analysed as a candidate for a job and having to make a good first impression. To help you compartmentalise important elements of the interview process, High Performance… Continue reading