HPC Law: Employment Law update for April 2019


Employment Law Update No win, no fee Following the abolition of fees in Employment Tribunal cases, the Tribunals are now seeing more cases coming through. However, having looked at several recent cases which were decided by the Employment Tribunal, there seems to be a ‘trend’ in lower value claims such as owed wages, lack of… Continue reading


Tengai – The HR recruiter of the future


Tengai – The HR recruiter of the future Bias, judgement and personal preference in job interviews may soon become things of the past as the world’s first Robo-recruiter, Tengai makes her way onto the scene.   Tengai, an AI developed by Furhat Robotics, an artificial intelligence (AI) and social robotics company from Stockholm has been… Continue reading


Is the four-day working week the key to reducing employee burnout?

four-day working week

Is the four-day working week the key to reducing employee burnout? It was found that in 2018 full-time employees in the UK worked 42 hours a week on average, exceeding the EU average by almost two hours. A seemingly small figure that translates into an extra two and a half weeks a year.   The… Continue reading


HPC Law: UBER drivers back in the news

uber drivers

UBER drivers back in the news Only three months ago, UBER drivers were considered to be ‘workers’ by the Court of Appeal. This had a huge impact on the drivers in that they are now entitled to paid holidays, National Minimum Wage and other rights and benefits afforded to other ‘workers’ or employees. It also… Continue reading


Legal time table | Upcoming changes

national minimum wage

Changes to the national minimum wage/statutory rates On April 1st 2019, the national minimum wage is set to change, with those eligible of receiving the national living wage seeing an increase of 4.9% from £7.83 to £8.21.   The increase is set the hand the average full-time worker a £690 annual pay increase.  It has… Continue reading