British Airways suffer very costly data breach

British Airways suffer  very costly data breach British Airways is facing the prospect of having to pay a record fine of £183 million for the breach of its security systems last year.   The airline who are owned by IAG, stated that it was ‘surprised and disappointed’ by the large penalty enforced by the International… Continue reading


HR Hot Topic: Sex Discrimination Article

Sex discrimination

Sex Discrimination Article   This month we saw the Advertising Standards Agency’s anticipated ban on ‘harmful gender stereotypes’ in adverts, come into force. From the discussions we have listened to on the news and amongst peers and clients, it appears that the reaction to the enforcement is mixed; with some welcoming the change while others… Continue reading


Disability Discrimination


Disability Discrimination   As an employer, dealing with employees who have disabilities can present challenges such as the need to consider reasonable adjustments both before a person is employed, during the interview stage and then throughout the employment relationship.   When an employer has to manage disability-related absence – this can be particularly difficult. Employers… Continue reading


HPC Law: Employment Law update for April 2019


Employment Law Update No win, no fee Following the abolition of fees in Employment Tribunal cases, the Tribunals are now seeing more cases coming through. However, having looked at several recent cases which were decided by the Employment Tribunal, there seems to be a ‘trend’ in lower value claims such as owed wages, lack of… Continue reading


Tengai – The HR recruiter of the future


Tengai – The HR recruiter of the future Bias, judgement and personal preference in job interviews may soon become things of the past as the world’s first Robo-recruiter, Tengai makes her way onto the scene.   Tengai, an AI developed by Furhat Robotics, an artificial intelligence (AI) and social robotics company from Stockholm has been… Continue reading