Employment Law │ June 2022


Employment Law │ June 2022 Our Head of Operations, Kendal Hulme, discusses legal changes to strikes and fit notes in an Employment Law Update for June 2022   Changes to Fit Notes Over the past few years it has been no secret across the UK, especially since the pandemic, that the pressure on GP surgeries… Continue reading


Legionella | Health and Safety Update


Legionella | Health and Safety Update In this article, our expert H&S consultant, Colin Jones, looks to discuss legionella in the workplace and offer advice to employers.   What is legionella and where does it come from? Legionellosis is a collective term for diseases caused by legionella bacteria including the most serious Legionnaires’ disease, as… Continue reading


Are Changes Ahead as Businesses Trial Four-Day Week?

four day week

Are Changes Ahead as Businesses Trial Four Day Week? The world’s largest trial of its kind is taking place as thousands of UK employees have started working a four-day week.   What Is Happening? Starting on 6 June 2022, more than 70 UK businesses have agreed to take part in one of the largest studies… Continue reading


Absence at Highest Rate Since 2010


Absence at Highest Rate Since 2010 Nearly 150 million days were lost due to absence in 2021 as experts offer advice to employers returning to the workplace. Absence at Worrying Highs Recent research has uncovered that absence rates have risen to the highest level recorded in over a decade, with Covid-19 being responsible for almost… Continue reading


Employees pushing for remote work to save on fuel costs

Remote work

Employees Pushing for Remote Work to Save on Fuel Costs Almost half of UK employees are trying to persuade their managers to allow remote work systems to mitigate the rising fuel costs. A Push for Remote Work A recent poll conducted by Randstad UK found that 45 per cent of the 2,922 UK employees involved… Continue reading