2 Months Free HR Support to guide you through turbulent times

Since the COVID-19 outbreak first hit the UK, there has been a great deal of uncertainty within the UK business landscape, with many business feeling concerned about how to deal with a number of employment matters and business processes such as:

·         Managing sickness /self-isolation

·         Best practise management of staff who are home-working

·         Laying staff off temporarily

·         Variation of hours

·         Restructuring the business due to reduced demand

·         How to communicate any changes to staff

·         Keeping staff motivated during this difficult time

·         Well-being support

·         Certain industries will be growing such as transport, retail, medical – do you need to recruit temporary labour

·         Important employment law changes taking effect from April

·         Working from home policy

·         Pandemic / Business Continuity policy

Some businesses may struggle to understand what their options are, particularly with the ever-changing government advice, at this present moment, there are the following options to consider:

·         Reductions in staff / redundancy

·         Potential temporary site closures / lay-offs

·         Potential temporary reductions in pay rates

·         Potential of designating of ‘furlough’ employees

·         Potential reduced working hours

·         Potential unpaid leave for up to 12 weeks

·         Potential options for holiday leave


Whilst a difficult decision to make, it is essential you take the steps that are best for the long term wellbeing of your business.


High Performance Consultancy are offering two months free support to help guide businesses through these turbulent and uncertain times, helping business owners to make the best decisions for their organization.


If you need advice or guidance, please contact the HPC team today. Call us on 0844 800 5932 or email contact@highperformanceconsultancy.com

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