Managing Workplace Temperature

workplace temperature

Managing Workplace Temperature In this article, our H & S Consultant, Colin Jones, discusses how to manage workplace temperature.   Workplace temperature has been raised a number of times recently by our clients. There still seems to be some misunderstanding surrounding it. Employees are claiming they can refuse to work or in some cases can… Continue reading


How can you support working parents during the summer holidays?

working parents

How can you support working parents during the summer holidays? For kids, six weeks off school is a dream but for working parents, somewhat of a nightmare. Trying to entertain their children, whilst maintaining their workload can be tricky. So what can employers do to help support working parents during the school holidays?   Be… Continue reading


Risk Assessments – Common Mistakes

risk assessments

Risk Assessments – Common Mistakes Risk assessments are crucial for employers to manage the health and safety within their business. They are also a legal requirement in the workplace. This is so that you can spot the risks and then put measures in place to control them. By law, if you have 5 or more… Continue reading


Imposter Syndrome – Fact or fiction?

imposter syndrome

Imposter Syndrome – Fact or fiction? Our Senior HR Advisor, Daniel Williams, discusses imposter syndrome in the article below.   As HR professionals, we tend to only focus on the low performers at work and how we can improve them. What if we flip reverse this and look at the high performers? They should be… Continue reading


Employment Law Update | July 2021

employment law update july

Employment Law Update | July 2021 James Mallon, our HR Business Partner, provides us with an Employment Law Update for July 2021.   National Employment Tribunal User Group The minutes from the May 2021 National Employment Tribunal user group are now available here. They show that as of March 2021, there were 44,000 outstanding claims;… Continue reading