Work-Related Illness (WRI)│Health and Safety

Work-related illness

Work-Related Illness (WRI)│Health and Safety In this article, our H & S Consultant, Colin Jones, discusses Work-Related Illness (WRI) What is Work-Related Illness? Work-related illness is any health condition caused or made worse by, your job. This can include sudden injuries, such as a slip or trip, or ‘slow’ injuries, such as the development of… Continue reading


Employment Law Update | October 2021

Employment Law

Employment Law Update | October 2021 James Mallon, our HR Business Partner, provides us with an Employment Law Update for October 2021. Age Discrimination We are so accustomed to viewing discrimination as a social evil, that it can be easy to forget that there is one occasion when direct discrimination is justifiable in law.  This… Continue reading


Covid-19 Inspires New Safety Standards for Remote Workers


The European Commission has announced its intentions to review and update EU rules on workplace safety in light of the covid-19 pandemic. The aim behind the review is to better reflect the fact that millions of people are now remote working. Mental Health At Work The commission said it will look at a range of… Continue reading


UK Employees Nervous to Discuss Mental Health at Work

discussing mental health

Employees are becoming increasingly fearful of discussing mental health in the workplace. This is despite investment into mental health first aid within organisations. What are the mental health statistics? Nearly half of all UK employees fear being honest in the workplace about any mental health issues they may have. A recent poll by MHR of… Continue reading


Employment Law Update │September 2021

Employment law

Employment Law Update │September 2021   James Mallon, our HR Business Partner, provides an employment law update for September 2021.   Right To Work Checks: Amended Process Extended Employers may know that during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government relaxed the rules on Right To Work checks.  We have previously written about the importance of these… Continue reading