Valentines Day in the workplace – Dos and don’ts

Valentines in the workplace – Dos and don’ts   As you would expect, as an outsourced HR provider we aren’t big proponents of workplace romance and lovey-dovey co-workers. What we do love is being able to celebrate the successes within your business, adopting the valentines spirit can be a great way to celebrate small successes… Continue reading


Uber HR Chief’s promises not to fail staff again


Uber HR Chief’s promises not to fail staff again Following the resignation of Uber Chief Executive Travis Kalanick last week, following pressure on his position after HR blunders, the companies Chief of Human Resources Liane Hornsey, has reassured employees promising: “We will not fail you again.”   The popular figure Kalanick had helped Uber’s rise… Continue reading


Uber fires 20 staff after harassment investigation


Uber fires 20 staff after harassment investigation Uber has fired more than 20 of its employees and is taking other actions against staff after a company-wide harassment investigation. The taxi-app firm looked into 215 complaints relating to sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination and other violations of company policies. Some 57 of these allegations remain under investigation.… Continue reading


Why employees quit, and how employers can keep them

_ _ _ A study by Glassdoor Economic Research, named ‘Why Do Workers Quit?’, has found that employees who stay In the same role too long are more likely to leave their employers rather than move to another role within the company. – – Other important factors on the likelihood of a staff member resigning… Continue reading


Job ‘stagnation’ leads to turnover, Glassdoor data shows

_ _ _ Research by Glassdoor has found that employees that stagnate in a job role for too long are likely to leave the company. _ _ The average worker spends 15 months in one role, adding an additional 10 months to this increases the chances of them leaving the company by %%, favouring a move… Continue reading