Gender Dysphoria & Transgender in the workplace.

How to support transgender employees in the workplace.   Workforces across the country are made up of a diverse group of individuals. If you are an owner, director, HR manager or in any form of a people managing role it is vital you best know how to support your team’s individual needs. In this week’s… Continue reading


Hundreds of UK firm’s gender pay gap increases

gender pay gap

In a report done by the BBC it has been discovered that four in ten companies state that their gender pay gap has increased since the last time that they published it.   In the research conducted by the BBC it was the company’s median pay gap that was analysed. The median pay gap is… Continue reading


Public-sector gender pay gap reporting confirmed

__   The timetable for gender pay gap reporting in the public sector has been confirmed, with the Government largely intending to mirror the private-sector regime. A government consultation document also reveals a number of changes to the proposed gender pay gap reporting regime, which will apply to all relevant organisations. In the foreword to… Continue reading