COVID19 – How will School closures impact your Business?

COVID19 – How will School closures impact your Business? It is hard to escape the mixed messages of what to do regarding COVID19. Some experts say to carry on as usual but others advise to begin self-isolation for an illness like a common cold.   Although countries like China and South Korea are beginning to… Continue reading


Employment Law Update: Are you ready for ‘Good Work Plan Changes’?

Following the Government’s commissioning of the Independent Taylor Review of Modern Work Practices, the Good Work Plan was developed. This was devised to make changes to employment law and practice to ensure that workers are treated more fairly. As such, there have been a number of recommendations and some major developments   We have given… Continue reading


HPC Law Update: When is a “belief” a belief?

When is a “belief” a belief?   The Equality Act 2010 was brought into force on 24 January 2010 – happy anniversary!   One of the most important parts of the legislation was to create ‘protected characteristics’, i.e. traits or characteristics which are protected from discrimination. These characteristics are:-   Age Disability Gender reassignment Marriage… Continue reading


Gender Dysphoria & Transgender in the workplace.

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How to support transgender employees in the workplace.   Workforces across the country are made up of a diverse group of individuals. If you are an owner, director, HR manager or in any form of a people managing role it is vital you best know how to support your team’s individual needs. In this week’s… Continue reading


How to manage an employee who has started a ‘side hustle’

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How to manage an employee who has started a ‘side hustle’.   With new opportunities like internet and digital innovation, many more people are starting a side hustle along with their main breading winning job. Although this new found motivation and drive can transfer into the employees’ primary job, there are various legal factors which… Continue reading