Black Lives Matter – Now Is The Time To Make A Change

Black Lives Matter – Now Is The Time To Make A Change.   On the 25th of May, there was another case of police brutality toward an African American man, George Floyd. He was killed by police officers in Minneapolis due to their suspicions that he used a counterfeit $20 bill in a convenience store. There… Continue reading


‘The Good Work Plan’ Changes – What You NEED To Know.

The Good Work Plan In April every year, there are usually changes to statutory rates of maternity pay, sick pay and adoption pay. However, this April, there will be a number of changes which will have a significant impact on employers and employees.   Change to Contracts of Employment A major change will extend the… Continue reading


HPC Law Update: Equal Pay & Work Uniforms Updates

Employment Law Update | September 2019 Equal Pay Claims   Employers are often concerned about equal pay and there have been several high-profile entities in the news about employers being paid different salaries and employees have stated that this is due to their sex. One example was when BBC presenters’ salaries were revealed causing several… Continue reading


Hundreds of UK firm’s gender pay gap increases

gender pay gap

In a report done by the BBC it has been discovered that four in ten companies state that their gender pay gap has increased since the last time that they published it.   In the research conducted by the BBC it was the company’s median pay gap that was analysed. The median pay gap is… Continue reading


Ban unpaid internships that last longer than four weeks


Ban unpaid internships that last longer than four weeks New research has found that Internships have doubled since 2010 as the number of graduates in high skilled jobs continues to fall into long-term decline. The survey, from IPPR, shows internships are on the rise in the UK’s most competitive sectors and are now a ‘must have’… Continue reading