The five main things that HR directors worry about


The five main things that HR directors worry about   Over the years the role of a HR director has evolved and changed which has meant that the role of a HR leader has never been so fascinating and complex. New trends, issues and stories such as #MeToo and Brexit are all having an impact… Continue reading


Managers key to unlocking employee engagement


Managers key to unlocking employee engagement   Employee engagement is key to long term success for a business. If an employer takes time to understand employees’ values and motivations it can have a revelatory effect on their team.   In the ever important Macleod report that was published in 2008 but still is highly relevant… Continue reading


Can you really be yourself at work?

When you’re at work, do you behave in the same way as you do when you’re at home? Or do you have a work persona – a duller, more subdued version of your real self?   Of course there are certain behaviours, such as swearing, or nudity, for example, that aren’t acceptable in any workplace,… Continue reading


Are smartphones contributing to productivity issues?

  84% use smartphones in the workplace 78% regularly respond to text messages during working hours   online assessment   120 hours per year – spent on smartphones   The average British worker spends as many as 120 hours per year using their smartphones in the workplace, according to research.   Research of 2,012 UK… Continue reading


Travel time payout could open door to more NMW claims

HMRC has already identified almost £500,000 owed to care workers on the minimum wage The care sector could be liable to pay thousands of pounds worth of national minimum wage (NMW) arrears for unpaid time spent travelling between care appointments after one worker received a payout from her employer. Caroline Barlow recently accepted a £1,250… Continue reading