Government sets out proposed ‘settled status’ for EU citizens


Government sets out proposed ‘settled status’ for EU citizens   The Conservative government have formally outlined their proposal to allow EU citizens to remain in the UK after Brexit.   Under the proposals, EU citizens with five years’ continuous residence in the UK can apply for ‘settled status’. They will then be treated as UK… Continue reading


HR set to be the powerhouse of any business by 2020, according to Samsung

– __ According to new research by Samsung, HR is destined to become the most influential department in the future world of business. The study defined that by 2020, due to a number of societal and technological changes, HR will be even more elevated in importance to how companies operate. Attention must be given to… Continue reading


How the new apprenticeship levy will benefit employers from April onwards

The apprenticeship levy comes into force in April, and it promises to help businesses thrive by enabling them to establish a talented and skilled workforce. One of the primary aims of the levy is to increase the number of apprenticeships nationwide. This is in line with the government’s pledge to create 3 million new apprenticeships… Continue reading